Team Building activity

"This workshop is the most fascinating, artistic, intellectual and therapeutic workshop.

A life-changing experience!"

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". Anaïs Nin

Would you like your team to learn communication?

And communicate better with one another?

Would you like your team to be more focused?



All these issues can be resolved by understanding perception.​ Perception relates to communication, to education, self-image, relationships. It relates to absolutely every area of your life. Come and let me introduce you to perception.

This workshop will clarify perception to readjust the mindset of your team. 

Join a creative, multimedia and bounding workshop and learn to

  •  Enhance communication throughout the team

  •  Release everyone's potential

  •  Explore and built self-confidence individually and as a team

  •  Help your team to adjust their visions

  •  Improve managing competence

  •  Add clarity to everybody's mindset



Technical information

English, French or Hebrew

Ideal audiance for active participation of all: 5-15 participants

Men - Women​

1/2 day Program 

1-day Program

Ideally, the room should have a projector, especially for larger group.​




I attended the workshop and it was fascinating. It helped me be at peace with my image and the way I see myself. And with one sentence, Aline opened my eye about a parenting mistake that I make and that I was not aware of. This was totally unexpected and so beneficial for my relationship with my kids. I cannot recommend enough this workshop. It's a must for everyone who wishes to live a more fulfilled life.

Shelley Greiver


אני ממליצה בחום על אלין. הדרך שלה לעבוד עם אנשים מאוד מיוחדת בעיניי. החוויה שלי איתה הייתה מיוחדת ואחרת. מאוד מסקרן אותי לדעת וללמוד עוד ממנה

Laliv Gal


 It takes one to know one! Thank you, Aline for this wonderful afternoon: my intellect, my heart and my body are full of knowledge, new experiences, emotions and lots of good things. You rock!

Joelle Inowlocki

Tel Aviv

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