Change perception through photography

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera". 

Dorothea Lange

Welcome to the one and only soul photography workshop. The only personal development workshop around photography.

Did you know that visual perception is the most active sense connecting us to the world? Understanding perception means understanding what connects us to others and is a key element to understand ourselves. Every thought, every memory, everything we think has an impact on our perception and changes our approach & response to life. Understanding perception gives us the key to make changes, to grow and to have more significant life experiences. And isn't the camera the perfect tool to explore perception? As a photographer, the camera gave me the distance to observe. It has taught me to see things differently, to change perspectives and where to put the focus on. Photography has given me a space to look at myself from different angles and understand my self-perception. This workshop, fun and profound is a path through perception from various aspects of photography using the camera as a tool to heal.

During this workshop, we will:​​

  • Observe perception through the pictures

  • Change perspectives through the lens  

  • Expand the field of our vision

  • Be in front of the camera

  • Explore perception and self-perception



What to Expect?


The Soul Workshop through photography is a group workshop. It is given all year around and on demand.

Through photography and modeling exercises, discussions and much more we will focus on the goals below. Along the way we will get the help of all kinds of tools such as mirrors, scientific and practical background material and multimedia.


  • Self-confidence

  • Self-knowledge

  • Better understanding of the relation to others

  • Perceive the reflexion of our mirror

  • Understand emotions 

  • Improve self-image

  • Understand our body

  • Observe and release tensions

  • Analyze self-judgement

  • Understand perception

  • Get in peace with who you are


Participation for the complete workshop

The workshop can be given in Hebrew, French and English.  To take part in the workshop and be informed about future dates and fees, or to order your workshop for your company or group, please get in touch.

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