THE THERApeutic PhotoSTuDIO 


The THERAPEUTIC PHOTOSTUDIO is a safe place to explore yourself through photography and/or psychology. 

Therapeutic photography is the use of the photographic session for therapeutic purposes.

The studio proposes individual sessions as part of a personal growth program, using the photographic session as a playground to explore ourselves and grow. The therapeutic process is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a form of psychotherapy helping to identify and release problematic thought patterns in order to help patients understand how those thoughts affect their perception, their feelings, and their behaviors. 



The Therapeutic Photostudio helps to treat issues such as

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Mood issues and anger management issues

- Low self-esteem

- Weight Issues and eating disorders

- Relationship problems


 What is Therapeutic Photography?

It is using photography to heal the soul. Photography is an amazing therapeutic tool. First, seeing yourself through the eyes of someone else allows you to see yourself differently. The photographic session also offers the opportunity to see and discuss “reality”. Like everything in your life is related to how you perceive, and as therapy first and foremost relies on understanding your problematic perception to allow you to make a change, photography offers a variety of ways to help you understand yourself and release faulty beliefs that blur your perception.



What could therapeutic photography do for you?

I can help you if:

  • you feel uncomfortable with your image and it makes you suffer

  • you struggle every morning to dress up and feel you don’t succeed to reveal your full potential

  • you feel stuck and you don't succeed to see the light

  • you suffer from lack of confidence

  • you are going through changes in your life and need support

  • you are struggling with repetitive patterns in your love life or social interactions

  • you feel oppressed by the opinion of others

  • you feel the need to reconnect to your deeper self


How does the therapeutic process work?

The therapeutic process is based on weekly one-on-one meetings combining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Photography. The photographic sessions are part of the therapeutic process and are customized according to the CBT. We are using the photographic session as well as the photographs for therapeutic purpose, exploring behaviors and treating perception, self-image and self-confidence issues. The therapeutic process always starts with a first meeting, not including photography, in order to set up what will follow. 


How is your therapeutic photography different from other therapies through photography?

The use of photography in therapy exists worldwide. One kind of therapy (the most known) is the use of pictures in the therapeutic process. Meaning, opening discussions around images (family pictures, old pictures, ...). The other kind of therapy through photography is by inspiring the patient to create a photographic project.

My Therapeutic Photography is based on the photographic session itself, used as a playground to analyze, understand, perceive and change reality.


Will I receive the pictures?

Yes. You will receive a UBS stick with the pictures we are making during the therapeutic process.


Where do the meetings take place?

The studio is situated in the peaceful area of Azorei Hen, in north Tel Aviv and welcomes you in the cozy therapeutic space with two photography studios, a makeup corner as well as everything needed for you to feel comfortable. The Studio is situated in an easy access area, with bus stops at the corner of the street and lots of parking.



I came to you with two suitcases: in one, my fears. And in the other my masks. You looked at me. You really looked at me. Discreetly and deeply at the same time. For the first time, I saw my true face. Thanks to you, I now learn to simply BE.  Without fear and without masks; I finally learn to breathe. Thank you, dear Aline, for having been an authentic mirror.


Soul Therapy

Aline. Meeting you changed so many things in my life. I'm so happy to know you and to know I will always have this safe place to come to. These 2 months in Israel would not have been the same without my weekly meetings in your studio. I knew I was coming for a reason. I did not know it was to find myself. Thank you so much. 


Soul Therapy

אני נולדתי יפה, מה לעשות... אבל לא משנה כמה יפה החברה החליטה שאני נראית, אני חשתי מכוערת, שמנה, לא מושכת, ועוד. לאט ובעדינות, אלין לימדה אותי את עצמי. הראיתה לי שאני מסתכלת על עצמי דרך משקפיים מסויימים ושמותר לי להחליף את המשקפיים כשלא נעים לי איתן. לימדה אותי להכיר אותי מבפנים, לאט לאט לאהוב יותר ויותר את מה שמצאתי עמוק פנימה, ואז, כפלא, זה התחיל לקרון אחוצה והתחלתי לראות את היופי האמיתי שלי, של הלב והנשמה שלי, כי החיצוני הוא פלוס גדול שלא עוזר כשאינו מחובר לנשמה. תודה אלין נצחית​


Soul Therapy

אלין לפני שבע שנים הענקת לי מתנה ענקית בצורת סשן צילום , שבסופו קיבלתי קליפ שגרם ועדיין גורם לי כל פעם להתאהב בעצמי ולזכור שהצבעים האמיתיים שלי זורחים ממני כשאני באהבה עצמית 


Soul Therapy

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